Who we are ?

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to improve the access to quality education throughout Haiti and developing countries in Africa through the use of computer material and creation of libraries. We also give introductory courses in office software automation and other information technology courses to French-speaking pupils and parents.

Our Objectives

In Canada :

  • Offer introductory courses in information technology to parents and pupils who are newcomers to Canada for less than five years
  • Collect donations of computer material (computers, scanners, printers, cables, self teaching and educational softwares, servers…).
  • Collect donations of school books of all kinds.
  • Dispatch them to our country partners in Africa and Haiti.

In Africa and Haïti :

  • Install computer material in Learning Centres or Education and Vocational Centres.
  • Set up computer networks in schools, universities, and continuing education centers, especially those dedicated to women’s education.
  • Provide collective access and develop knowledge of information technologies and communications

  • Improve and give access to educational material using Internet
  • Allow teacher (s) in rural areas to remain up-to-date in their field of specialization through remote training.

Our long term activities with our country partners

  • Design of a Wan network to inter-connect computers in schools  (protocols, transmission media, band-width, operating systems, servers, clients)
  • Resource sharing like printers, files, a modem fax
  • Training of participants in the knowledge of office automation
  • Support of applications such as email, databases, discussion forums (or blogs), teaching software, teaching aids,
  • Installation of Internet and Intranet
  • Configuration of safety (authentification of the user)
  • Recruitment and training of data-processing and maintenance personnel

Word of the president

" Among the several discussions about teaching in African countries and in Haiti, the poor, inadequate and challenging conditions are cited. In addition to the general state of the economy, it would be also ascribable, partly, to the weakness of the infrastructure, the obsolete equipment and the dispersion of the schools.

It is not rare to see the best teachers leaving the rural areas to offer their services in the more prestigious schools of the city, thus contributing to reduce the available resources to the countryside.

Moreover, teaching is still done in the traditional way, via the blackboard and through dictation and rote learning,  compensating for the lack of textbooks or teaching stimulations which would provide experimentation
It results in a form of teaching which does nothing but to encourage the dependence of the pupils towards their teachers, reducing their capacity to undertake autonomous activities.

In addition, the absence of adequate financing for libraries, the difficulty for teachers to exchange ideas with distant colleagues, emphasizing their dependence on outdated textbooks, hardly contribute to improve the quality of teaching.

This led us to gather to form a non-profit company, whose objectives will be found in this site.

We hope to be able to count on each one of you, whoever you are, as much for your donations as for help in shippping the material to developing countries and / or training centres.

We invite you donate online, by telephone or in person.

Thanks to you, the numbers affected will be reduced. In the name of all the centers which will receive these materiasl and on behalf of all my collaborators, please accept our most heartfelt gratitude."

Mrs. Khady Sam
Education without Borders

" Make a donation in the form of computer equipment or cash for our mission shipment.
Tax receipt issued.
Very many thanks ... "

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